How to scale your brand — lessons from the experts

Welcoming brand experts from Innocent Drinks, Bulb, Depop and Deliveroo to Balderton HQ to talk about the power of brand, and how to scale your brand

In April, we gathered startup founders and friends from the tech and venture ecosystem to Balderton’s headquarters to hear from experts responsible for brand at Innocent Drinks, Deliveroo, Depop and Bulb. 

It was actually one of our most well-attended events for a while — which speaks to the understanding of the power that brand, and an integrated brand narrative, can have on the success of a product or service. 

In case you missed it, highlights were included in an article on Build with Balderton, which you can read here.

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The event was moderated by Isabel Bescos, who ran strategy for BlaBlaCar — joining that French-founded startup as an early employee, and scaling to millions of users, prior to joining Balderton’s investment team.



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