Attio raises a $7.7M Seed round

NOV 24, 2021

The funding round was led by Point Nine Capital with participation from Balderton and Headline.

Previous investor Passion Capital and angel investors including Front co-founder and CEO Mathilde Collin, Loom co-founder and CTO Vinay Hiremath, Loom and Hyper co-founder Sahed Khan, and Indeed co-founder Paul Forster also participated in the round.

Attio, is an automation-driven CRM. Almost every business makes use of a CRM. Yet, today’s leading platforms rely on the same cumbersome workflow: manually transcribing data into rigid and opinionated processes, while users dream of being able to tweak a setting or create an entirely new workflow on the fly.

Attio brings CRM firmly into the new generation of build-your-own tools such as Webflow, Airtable, Notion, and Zapier, which make it easier for growing startups and large corporations alike to empower internal teams to move quickly through modern, collaborative, and flexible no-code platforms. 

The company was launched in early 2021 by Nicolas Sharp, a software engineer turned investor at Passion Capital, and Alexander Christie, former VP of engineering at 

The Attio Founders: Alexander Christie and Nicolas Sharp

Attio's data model is key to the paradigm shift. Instead of manual data entry, Attio continuously aggregates and enriches data from existing customer interaction streams like calendar, email, and analytics platforms, drastically improving both the quality and quantity of data. By leveraging existing data streams Attio is not only constantly up to date but faster to set up.

Users are given powerful templates to build out their ideal representation of a CRM on top of their live dataset. This fundamental shift gives teams true ownership of their processes, allowing them to build and maintain powerful and dynamic workflows such as renewal tracking, churn mitigation warnings, and revenue expansion pipelines - all without the need for expensive consultants or external developers.

Modern businesses need flexible and collaborative tools that grow and adapt as their operations do, but too many teams are stuck using rigid, unyielding CRM tools that aren’t built for the 21st Century. Attio is the antidote. It allows companies to remove manual data entry, drawing from existing data streams like email and calendars, to create a complete dataset before building total customizable workflows on top, empowering teams with the exact workflow they need.

Nicolas Sharp, co-founder and CEO at Attio

Attio will use the funding to double the size of the team, focusing in particular on engineering and product development, and prepare for full public launch in early 2022.

Whilst other platforms focus on single verticals, such as product-led growth, Attio is engineered to handle all the CRM needs of a modern business, giving companies an overview of every relationship and process from sales through to recruitment. Team members can dive into the history of each contact, including emails, call notes, and attributes, which can be used to gather insight at each stage of a process. Attio expands and adapts as a business grows, helping to improve a team's efficiency, data quality, and overall output.

The Attio dashboard

We’re really excited about the potential for Attio to transform how companies approach CRM and are looking forward to working with our brilliant investors to achieve it.

Nicolas Sharp, co-founder and CEO at Attio

Today Attio is being used by hundreds of paying customers including Coca Cola, Supercell, Saltpay, Causal, and Upfront Ventures. The platform is particularly popular with tech-driven teams with a wide range of data streams and a passion for automating workflows.

As investors, we can often be in touch with hundreds of companies a week and keeping on top of those relationships is extremely challenging. We immediately saw the potential for a tool like Attio to streamline and automate that process, with a brilliant UI. Nicolas and Alexander are building something truly unique with Attio and we look forward to supporting them as they grow the company.

Daniel Waterhouse, general partner at Balderton

Attio is hiring! See the open roles here

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