Join the community of Silicon Valley talent in Europe

Worked in tech in the Valley and now living in Europe? Considering a move to Europe?

For Silicon Valley-trained talent looking to make the leap to Europe to found, or join, a European high-growth startup, our doors at Balderton are always open. Balderton is Europe's leading early-stage venture capital firm — investing in the best European-born technology startups.

If you're considering a move:

  1. Complete the form on this page to connect with us.
  2. Browse opportunities on our career portal, where we have hundreds of positions open all across Europe — in London, Cambridge, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin and more.
  3. Connect to others in your network who have already made the journey; make exploratory trip(s); set up coffee meetings with heads of talent at startups that interest you, and others who have made the move, or who are in peer positions to you. Meeting people face to face matters, as does getting your feet on the ground experiencing the 'vibe' of the different cities.
  4. Connect with any of the excellent technology recruiters in Europe — some of whom also have offices in the United States.

Our office at Balderton HQ in London hosts very early-startups, as well as visiting tech VIPs looking for a place to plug in while visiting London startups. We extend this offer to those interested in making the move.

Questions you may have:

What kind of talent is Europe looking for? To join the already great tech talent here, trained at world-class universities, read Balderton's head of talent, Kiana Sharifi, on why scale-up experience is the growth catalyst Europe needs.

Do I need to speak a language other than English? No. While it's always helpful, it's not required for working in any European country in tech. English is the universal language of tech companies. Of course, learning a new language will become an added bonus. The reality is Europeans rank very highly on the EF English Proficiency Index 2018; in fact of the top 12 highest ranking countries globally, 10 are European.

What about schooling? Can my children switch? Yes. There are many excellent international schools, including schools that teach the American (AP) curriculum. Universities all over Europe accept International students. The average cost for annual tuition for International students in the UK, for example, is around £17K, and undergraduate courses are often three years, not four years. 

What about work visas? Quite a complex topic so no quick answers. Answers can be found online, here are few places to start:  UK 'Exceptional Talent' Visa schemeUK TechNationFrench Tech VisaGerman Work Visa.

Do companies sponsor moves? Yes, depending on the level and negotiated package. If you work with a headhunter, they can help answer questions like this.

What about taxes and tax returns? There are plenty of accountants in Europe now who specialise in US/Europe tax for individuals and families. While taxes are never simple, there are plenty of expert accountants who will know how to help.

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