The Balderton B2B Sales Playbook

MAR 09, 2020


Working with the entrepreneurs we back is at the heart of our work at Balderton.

Over the last two decades, the team at Balderton has had the remarkable privilege of playing a role in the growth journey of a number of highly successful enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. We and those teams would not have been successful was it not for the advice and counsel from those who had done it before. In turn, we believe we too must pay this advice forward.

While there are many short articles and comment pieces on enterprise sales, we have been unable to find a complete Playbook that the founders and executive teams of early-stage companies can use as a core guide to setting up the right foundation for efficient, rapidly growing sales teams.

We want to set that right with this document – the Balderton B2B Sales Playbook.

We hope this Playbook will serve as a comprehensive guide to everything a founder needs to understand about their enterprise sales function. As well as hundreds of board decks and dashboard reports we are eternally grateful to the interviews and input we have received from our founders, their executive teams and, of course, many of our companies' excellent marketing, sales and customer success representatives.

We salute you for your great work and for your willingness to share what you have learned with those who follow!


Everything a founder needs to know about how to build an efficient B2B sales team.


You can download the full PDF of the Sales Playbook here.


This is a 'living' document

While we have started the dialogue with a large document containing everything we know on the topic we want just that: to start a dialogue. We look forward to opinions, comments and thoughts from everyone who reads this.

Feel free to reach out directly to those you know at Balderton.

We will incorporate your latest ideas, differences of opinion and, over time, build a living resource that will hopefully be of use to a generation of European entrepreneurs.


  • The optimal sales team structure
  • Sales team compensation
  • Process funnel
  • Pipeline generation
  • Indirect channels
  • Creating a strong sales culture
  • Going global
  • Case studies
  • Key metrics
  • ...and a list of resources and blogs we recommend

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