A guide to hybrid working operating systems

OCT 28, 2021

Scaling, Talent

This guide is most useful to anyone who needs to design and execute a hybrid working strategy or build and iterate on their working model. It functions as an operations reference guide, emphasising that sharing knowledge and best practices will be critical as we transition to new ways of working.

Whilst the information here provides a framework to help you develop hybrid working operations within your organisation, it will not function as a silver bullet. Ongoing problem solving, alongside local and cultural adaptation is essential, as well as strong team leadership.

This is a live document. As new ways of formulating custom hybrid modules arise within the Balderton portfolio and beyond, we will continue to share our learnings here.

What this guide covers:

How to think about hybrid working

  • Working from home during a pandemic vs. working remotely
  • Distributed = hybrid
  • How employees' mindsets have shifted
  • What does good look like?

Setting a strategy

  • Understanding the landscape of your firm
  • Revisiting assumptions


  • Executing on productivity
  • Executing on people and talent
  • Executing on culture


For anyone who needs to design and execute a strategy to build and iterate your hybrid ways of working.


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