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Marc Ruff

Marc Ruff

Marc Ruff brings 10 years of experience in the travel industry and Internet. As Vice President Europe for Expedia had the charge to develop the brand and the business of the leading online agency in different countries including France, Italy, Holland and Spain. He was also President of, the French travel website bought in October 2003 by the world leading e-tourism company Expedia. In 2001, he joined Expedia France as Managing Director with his double expertise of tourism and the Internet. He coordinated the development of within GL Expedia, the joint-venture between SNCF (French National railroad company) and Expedia. Marc Ruff graduated from ESCP (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris).

He started his career at Arthur Andersen in Paris. He joined Air France in 1995 as Marketing Manager for Germany and then Lufthansa in 1997 where he was in charge of the strategy for Southern and Western Europe; he became then Managing Director for Lufthansa in Spain. Marc Ruff is also an active member of the “Internet era”: in 2000, he founded I-deal, a company specialized in online auctions pricing solutions which was sold the same year to QXL.

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