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Upendra Shardanand

Upendra Shardanand

Upendra co-founded his first venture, Firefly Network, as a spin-off of his work at the MIT Media Lab. (Upendra’s graduate thesis centered on collaborative filtering, the recommendation technology now commonplace on the web). Firefly Network was a pioneer in personalization and several web technologies, and was acquired by Microsoft in 1998.  At Microsoft, Upendra launched Microsoft Passport, and represented Microsoft on industry bodies to further the cause of online privacy.

Following Microsoft, Upendra was a founding partner of The Accelerator Group, a venture firm with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Upendra went on to serve as the Director of Technology of Advanced Services at AOL,  and then served at the Directory of Technology at Time Warner (TWX).

Mr. Shardanand received in 1994 a Masters of Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has guest-lectured at New York University and the City University of New York.

Mr. Shardanand serves on the board of advisors for BrandKarma, Help Remedies, and BluMail.  Previously, Mr. Shardanand has served on the board of advisors Treehugger (acquired by Discovery), to the Better Business Bureau Online, PeoplePC (acquired by EarthLink), MediaCode (acquired by Yahoo), RealNames, and InsightFirst (acquired by 24/7 RealMedia).

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