Driverless cars — they won’t be driverless and they may not even be cars

Most people associate the phrase “self-driving car” with Google’s ambitious prototype that only vaguely resembles a traditional car. For once, in Google’s version of the future, a steering...

News • 12-05-2016

Lars on the Seedcamp Podcast

Balderton partner Lars Fjeldsoe Nielsen recently appeared on the Seedcamp Podcast. Lars talks about his experience at Dropbox and Uber in San Francisco, and his move into venture capital in...

News • 12-05-2016 • Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen

Balderton CEO Collective 2016

Every two years, we hold a gathering for the CEOs of Balderton's portfolio companies. We call this event The Collective. Over a two day period, we aim to achieve three things: 1) Give people a...

News • 12-05-2016 • Suranga Chandratillake

Welcoming Balderton's Summer Associates: 2016

It gives me great pleasure to welcome this year's cohort of summer associates to Balderton Capital. The idea of our summer placement is to introduce individuals with varied skill-sets to the...

News • 12-05-2016 • James Wise

Investment update: ROLI raise $27m

We backed a relatively small team at ROLI 2 years ago. They had just started selling small batches of their first product, the Seaboard, which was hand built in their London workspace. Since then we...

News • 04-05-2016 • Daniel Waterhouse

PODCAST: How to inspire innovation and impact healthcare | TouchSurgery

As promised, here are the details for the TouchSurgery Hackathon: Title: Healthcare Innovation Hackathon - Inspire innovation and impact healthcare.Date: June 4th & 5th 10am - 4pmLocation:...

News • 03-05-2016 • Ben Goldsmith

Bernard Liautaud appointed Managing Partner of Balderton Capital

We are delighted to announce the Bernard Liautaud has become the first Managing Partner of Balderton Capital. Bernard joined the firm in June 2008, and has since played a pivotal role. As...

News • 28-04-2016

James Wise on Twenty Minute VC Podcast

James made his third appearance on the excellent Twenty Minute VC podcast alongside host Harry Stebbings. You can listen to the episode here.

News • 26-04-2016 • James Wise

5 Reasons Why Selling is the Key Skill Founders Need to Learn

Some roles at a startup attract a lot of attention. It goes without saying that everyone wants to be a ‘Founder’ and, whether a Founder or not, other jobs high on the hip list include CEO,...

News • 18-04-2016 • Suranga Chandratillake

PODCAST: What does Brexit and The Budget mean for UK entrepreneurs? | Guy Levin of Coadec

This week, we speak to Guy Levin, the Executive Director of Coadec. Guy heads up the UK's foremost digital think tank and trade association, and is also the Associate Editor of Policy at The...

News • 30-03-2016 • Ben Goldsmith
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