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13 September 2010

USA Today: YouTube begins live streaming test

YouTube, the world's largest video site, has pretty much been on the sidelines when it comes to broadcasting live video streams such as websites Ustream and Livestream. But Monday, it's putting its toe in the water with a live video test that runs through Tuesday. If it works, YouTube hopes to have much more live video in the future.

"We think of live as the next chapter in online video," says Joshua Siegel, a YouTube product manager.

YouTube is starting slow, adding live video to channels from four of its partners: Howcast, Rocketboom, Next New Networks and Young Hollywood. When users go to their channel pages, they will see live videos being broadcast, alongside the usual archived video selections.

YouTube has experimented with live video in the past. Examples include webcasts of concerts by Alicia Keys and U2, and, just last week, with a webcast of a Google press conference. Why has it taken the site so long to get more serious about live, when rivals are picking up lots of viewers?

Siegel says the general size and scale of YouTube -- 24 hours of video uploaded every minute, 2 billion views daily -- makes it harder to navigate. "We needed to take our time on this," he says.


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